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Tanya Bird Mpetyane

Tanya Bird Mpetyane
Language: Anmatyerre
Country: Utopia

Tanya is the daughter of artists Paddy and Eileen Bird of Utopia, and granddaughter of the famous Ada Bird Petyarre. Tanya grew up surrounded by artists, Ada’s sisters Gloria, Kathleen, Jeannie and Rosemary also famous aboriginal artists. Ada, who passed away in 2009, was a very traditional senior woman who was involved with “A Summer Project” Women from Utopia who started painting on Batik and then moved to Acrylic painting. Her grandmother taught young women the ways of their ancestors and hoped that future generations will continue the stories. Tanya first began painting as a teenager and was very close to Ada who had a strong influence on Tanya. In 2010 Tanya started painting in monochrome colours.
Bush Plum is a shrub found in the Central Desert it has small white flowers and small purple to black berries that can be eaten when ripe but poisonous if eaten before they ripen. The fruit is collected by the women of Utopia and they have Ceremonies so the fruit continues to germinate and regenerates plenty of fruit for the next season.

Artworks By Tanya Bird Mpetyane

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