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Judy Watson Napangardi

Judy Watson Napangardi
Language: Walpari
Country: Yuendumu

Judy was born in the Mina Mina area of Warlpiri country, South West of Yuendumu. She is custodian of the Napangardi and Napanangka Mina Mina Dreaming stories which she was passed onto by her sister and co-wife, Maggie Watson Napangardi. Judy paints various renditions of the travels and ceremonies associated with the travels of these women from Mina Mina to Willowra, north of Yuendumu. Iconographic Guide to Judy Watson Napangardi Interwoven lines represent Ngalyipi or snake vine which is used by the women to carry children, food and vessels containing water. It also has ceremonial purposes, apparently including being tied to the waist of women at one end and to the desert oak at the other end during ceremony. Discreet circles are Jintaparnta or native truffles. Judy refers to them as bush mushrooms. These are good bush tucker and crop up during the colder, winter months across the desert country. The ear like shapes attached to the circles represents Napangardi and Napanangka women sitting during their travels. The strings of trident like shapes are bush tomatoes, good bush tucker.


Artworks By Judy Watson Napangardi

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