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Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa

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Dimensions: 150 x 150 cm

Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa

Language: Ngaanyatjarra

Country: Tjukurla

Tjawina  grew up in the Tjukurla, Pangkupirri and the Rawlinson Ranges North of Docker River in Western Australia. Tjawina Porter Nampitjinpa is a half-sister to Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett) and her sister is Esther Giles Nampitjinpa. Tjawina and her family grew up with a traditional upbringing of the gatherer and hunters of the Western Desert. In the late 1970`s Tjawina then a widow, along with her children, moved to the Government settlement of Papunya and the newly established outstation of Yai Yai for about a year. Tjawina then returned to live in Docker River. In the late 1980`s Tjawina and her sister Esther moved with their families to Tjukurla to help establish it as new community.