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Thomas Tjapaltjarri


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Dimensions: 90 x 60 cm

Thomas Tamayinya Tjapaltjarri

Language: Pintupi

Country: Kiwirrkurra

Thomas was born in the Gibson Desert to Lanti Tjapanangka and Nanu Nangala; his brothers are Walala & Warlimpirrnga. His extended family (Nanu and two of her sisters) lived in the desert avoiding contact with whitefellas. Thomas grew up the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Western Desert people west of Kiwirrkurra.  Was when his Father died the boys were sent to find their long lost relatives. In October 1984 the brothers walked into the Kiwirrkurra community. The group of nine made International headlines as they had not encountered Europeans till this point.
Thomas paints in traditional Pintupi fashion and is a master of the abstract.  His squares and dots represent the travels of the Pintupi's ancient creation spirits, the Tingari, as they move through the land creating landforms and the dreaming stories associated with them.