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Naata Nungarrayi


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Dimensions: 180 x 120 cm

Naata Nungarrayi

Language: Ngaatjatjarra

Country: Pintupi/Luritja

Naata was born in c1932 at the rockhole site of Kumil, west of the Pollock hills, in Western Australia. Naata led a traditional lifestyle until she and her family came out of the bush in 1964, meeting up with native welfare patrol, then moving to the settlement of Papunya where she began painting. Naata is full blood sister to Nancy Ross and sister to George (hairbrush) Tjungurrayi.
In 2003 she was chosen along with four other Papunya Tula artist to have one of her paintings represented on an Australia Post International stamp. Naata has been nominated in the 17, 18, 19 20th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards.
Her paintings represent Marrapinti she shows the lines in her work representing the tali sandhills that surround the site at Marrapinti, while at the site the women made nose bones also known as Marrapinti which are worn through a hole made in the nose web.  The Women would perform traditional ceremonies while singing and dancing.