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Maisie Nungurrayi Ward

Fathers Country

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SKU: UIAAMW2016191

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Maisie Nungurrayi Ward

Language: Lurida Pintupi

:  Maisie’s Father is Dr George Tjapaltjarri    He painted for Papunya Tula Artists in the mid to late 1970s  he was one of several ngangkari (traditional healers) attached to the Kintore medical clinic (hence 'Dr George'). His powers were regarded with awe. Maisie paints her Fathers Country, Tingari Dreaming and Men’s Business. Tingari Men were  a group of ancestral elders who travelled the Western Desert performing rituals and creating the country. They had young men who they taught the rituals and law of the country. There are many song-myth cycles which provide explanations of the customs in aboriginal life. The Tingari business is restricted to men but public versions do not disclose secret and sacred knowledge. In Pintupi Male Tingari Groups are usually followed by groups of women and children.