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Monica Napaltjarri Jarra


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Dimensions: 90 x 30 cm

Monica Napaltjarri Jarra

Language: Pintupi/Luritja

Country: Kintore NT

Monica was born in the bush south of Kiwirrkurra to Kirindji Kuku Tjungurrayi and Wangala Nangala. Both passed away when Monica was young and she was brought up by her brother Yumpululu Tjungurrayi. He was a Papunya Artist. Monica's family is deeply involved in the aboriginal art movement.  Her brother, Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri is the Chairman of Papunya Tula Artists, she is married to Kenny Lilias Jampitjinpa, her sisters are Yakarri and Payu West Napaltjarri and her daughter is Maisy Napurrula Gibson.
Monica was in the group of women who were the first to start painting in Kiwirrkurra in June 1996.
Monica paints her grandmother's and grandfather’s dreaming and often spends time at her community's sacred sites, especially the women's cave, a place of resting and healing. 
She currently lives in Kintore but also spends substantial time in Alice Springs