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Mitjili Napurrula

My Dreaming

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Dimensions: 180 x 30 cm

Mitjili Napurrula

Language: Pintupi

Country: Ikuntji

Mitjili is the daughter of Tupa Tjakamarra ( now deceased) and Tjunkiya Napatljarri. In 1959 Mitjili and her family moved from Haasts Bluff to th new settlement of Papunya. It was here that she observed the men, including her brother Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula paint. Initially Mitjili's paintings followed the stylue of the artist from Papunya. On returning to Haasts Bluf she commenced painting in 1992 for the Ikuntji Women's Centre. She soon developed her own style drawing on her father's Dreaming Uwalki, which is the story of the spear straightening ceremony taught to Mitjili be her Mother. As custodian of the Kulata Tjurrkupa ( Spear Dreaming) and representing the female side of the Dreaming, Mitjili depicrs the trees (Watiya Tjuta) which provides the wood for the spears.