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Maureen Hudson Nampinjimpa

Sand Dunes

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Dimensions: 120 x 90 cm



Care information

Artist name

Language: Walpari

Country: Mount Allen

Born 1959 at Yuelamu or Mount Barkly Cattle Station some 300km North-West of Alice Springs, Nampinjimpa belongs to the Warlpiri language group. She worked as a teacher’s assistant at Mt Allan and started painting in the early 80’s. Maureen paints dreamtime stories of both her Father and Mother’s Country. These are about natural formations Tali Sandhill’s, My Country and My Place. Maureen has recently started painting in subdue colours which adds a three dimensional feel to her paintings .When you fly over South Australia and Northern Territory you can see My Country” from an aerial view. This is part of Warlukulangu Jukkurrpa or fire dreaming songline. She has since moved to Alice Springs where she paints regularly for local and interstate galleries.