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Gracie Ward Napaltjarri

Grandmother's Country (Muntati)

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Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm

Gracie Ward Napaltjarri

Language: Pintupi/Ngaatjatjara

Country: Warakurna WA

Gracie Ward is the daughter of George Ward Tjungurrayi one of the few old masters of Aboriginal Paintings. She was born at Papunya in 1973 just after the western desert indigenous art movement started. As a baby, Gracie moved to Docker River and later to Warakurna where she commenced her schooling. Gracie started to paint in 2004 and was taught to paint by George and her mother Nyungawarra Ward Napurrula. She originally adopted a typical Pintupi dot inspired by the colours of her father's homelands. In late 2009, Gracie started to experiment with a much bolder colours. Gracie Ward Napaltjarri has a son and two daughters and spends her time between Warakurna and Alice Springs. This painting is about her Grandmothers traditional lands it is the country that women go to do “Women’s Business” and surrounding land.