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Alison Larry Nungurrayi


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Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm

Alison Larry Nungurrayi

Language: Pintupi

Country: Papunya NT

:  Alison Larry Nungurrayi is a Luritja/Pintupi woman and the granddaughter of Naata Nungurrayi, a legend of the desert art movement.  Alison started to paint, receiving the benefit of a long apprenticeship under Naata and her skin sister, Nancy Ross Nungurrayi. At the same time, Alison was involved in important cultural initiatives such as the translation of some Pintupi song into English.
Initially involved in some community collaboratives, Alison started to paint in her own right in 2009. Bold in her use of colour and intricate designs, Alison, represents an exciting view into the future of desert art. She paints bold traditional designs associated with women's sites, ceremonies and the laws of her Country. Alison's works are vibrant and brightly coloured and often quite textured due to the large quantities of paint she applies to the linen. The influence of her grandmother's work is evident in Alison's paintings.